The Tara Compendium


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Tara’s tenacity is immense and Buddha Shakyamuni, when teaching on Tara, said among all the other buddhas, Tara has exceedingly great resolve. Tara is an emanation of the mother of all the buddhas of the three times. She carries out all their activities, dispelling the obstacles created through the eight or sixteen types of fear. Most significantly, she vowed to emanate in female form until all of samsara is emptied.

When anyone supplicates Tara, her response is swift. The activities resulting from her aspiration are extraordinary, and there is ample evidence of this, right up to the present day. The special quality of Tara is her extraordinary compassionate resolve to benefit all beings by removing whatever causes them to feel anxious or afraid, and dispelling the eight or sixteen types of fears.

Tara is the heroine who swiftly carries out the activities of all the buddhas. She is the very identity of enlightened activity—beyond that which we can mentally imagine or fathom—and has incredible virtues that surpass any thought. In short, through the symbolic meaning, you will realize the true state of original wakefulness. Within this very lifetime you will accomplish the state of the utterly indestructible, undefeatable and unchanging Vajra Tara of the innermost essence, who is prajñaparamita.

This book gives the devotee the tools to apply the great energy and vitality of Tara in practice. Offering an overview of the many practices associated with this incredible Buddha, it gives of the gift of enlightenment into the palm of the readers’ hand and affords the possibility to benefit others.