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Yulokod Studios is located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. A single artist studio dedicated to the craft of hand-painted stained glass, Himalayan Art (Thangkas) and Buddhist iconography. as well as preservation and Restoration of sacred imagery in painted glass church, temple and synagogue windows as well as historical and one of a kind original art glass design.

The resident artist and founder is Ani Thubten Jamyang Donma, known simply as ani J., or also as Tsunma Jamyang, an ordained nun in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition for aprox. 30 years

Before taking ordination as a Buddhist nun, she was known as Catherine A. Brock. Her relationship with glass painting began with her training in ecclesiastical traditional glass painting in Toronto, Canada at the renowned glass studio Robert McCausland Ltd. Founded in 1856, this studio is Canada’s pre-eminent Ecclesiastical glass studio. Catherine apprenticed there for some 7 years restoring and creating windows for sacred spaces which included churches, synagogues, government buildings, mausoleums, universities and private shrines.

She was very fortunate to have the opportunity to train with some of the greatest masters of glass painting. Catherine studied and painted alongside master glass painters who had been painting for over 50 years. This is a dying art form and the rare opportunity of even meeting some of these masters, let alone apprenticing with them was a very auspicious and a rare and precious opportunity. It was several years later that Catherine established her own studio and a successful retail shop first in Toronto on Yonge street, then on Avenue Road, and finally in Galt, on the Grand. (Cambridge Ontario) at the current Wellington street location.

Over the years ani J. has also trained as a Chaplain, Registered Pshychoterapist and Spiritual Care provider as part of her spiritual path and practice. She supports the ill and dying in her role as Chaplain as well as consulting many healthcare professionals and folks in the healing arts with her skills in Mindfulness Meditation and Buddhist Philospophy. She is also one of the instructors for Gomde, Cooperstown , NY, USA, founded by Kyabgon Phakchok Rinpoche. Gomde's are a series of retreat centres worldwide founded by the family of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, that teach Buddhist Philosphy, Ethics, Ceremony, and Meditation.

Over the years students and practitioners of meditation have asked for items that support their sacred spaces and practice. The studio in "Galt, On the Grand" and this on-line portal are the answer to these requests. Yulokod Studios now carries items that support the creation and maintaining of sacred space, healing, and Buddhist & Mindfulness practice.

This is a curated collection of items hand selected by ani J. to support the meditator and the healing professional....I hope you enjoy the selection.

Items can be picked up either in Cambridge or Toronto if you wish to save on shipping costs. Please let me know your preference...

Studios is open most Market Days or by appointment:

Please call in advance to make sure and check for hours, (I travel or may be in retreat )

Yulokod Studios

16 Wellington Street

Cambridge, (Galt On the Grand) Ontario

N1R, 3Y5

416 801-6607



Prajnaparamita Window by Yulokod installed in DGL Nunnery in Himachael Pradesh, India
Artist Tsunam Jamyang Donma, (ani J.)

Tsunma Jamyang Donma

The creative mind, artisan, and founder of Yulokod Studios. By merging the traditional western style and technique of ecclesiastical glass painting & Himalayan Art Tsunma Jamyang has created a new gendre , Creating painting of light, healing minerals, and sacred measurement to make very special personal images of the Buddhas.

@ Tibet House, & Rubin Museum of Art in NYC, USA in 2014

Tsunma Jamyang often travels to visit clients and show her work by participating in gallery shows and presentations worldwide.

Tara Wiindow arrives in India

Yulokos Studios ships windows worldwide. Her Venerable Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo is admiring the arrival of the Green Tara window that she ordered for the DGL nunnery, in Himachael Pradesh, India.

Our story

After many years of requests, Yulokod Studio now also carries items to support your sacred space. Stained glass windows, Giclee Prints, Incense, Tools for sacred sound healing, audio teachings, books , malas, essential oils, natural remedies, prayer flags, meditation cushions, diffusers, meditation music, ......My commitment is to beauty within and without, may the selection of items here bring you peace, joy, and alignment...